What Are The Most Common Causes Of Water Damage In Homes?

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Water Damage In Homes?

Quite often, most people fail to realize that they actually need water damage restoration. Until some unforeseen event occurs, such as flooding or a pipe burst, you continue to elude yourself that you do not need it. This is why you will find yourself panicking and trying to call the restoration companies once you have managed to minimize the causes of the water damage and the influx of water.

While this does happen, water damage is usually a gradual process that is brought about by water leaks or some other sort of standing water. This leads to sanitization issues, structural problems, mold and other problems. Thus, you should educate yourself on what the common causes of water damage are.

Flat roofs


While in theory flat roofs are just as good as the sloping ones, a huge list of problems usually arises when matters start going the wrong way.

Usually, for the flat roof to work efficiently, it needs a minimal gradient. This means that despite their name, they are actually not flat. This is because the roof should be able to allow water to run off it and enter into the gutters. While this is the preferred case, it will often be undermined by a variety of things.

• Build up of leaves, debris and branches: When these things accumulate, they often lead to the roof collapsing inwards where water now builds up.

• Ice dams: Usually occurring during cold weather, puddles of water will freeze from the edges limiting the water from draining into the gutter thus causing dams of water.

Due to the above two factors, water will build up leading to the growth of molds. Additionally, this water tends to lead to cracks which will be seen in the formation of leaks in the house.


Usually, the primary purpose of the gutter is to remove water from your house. When there is the build up of debris and leaves in its system, this cannot be achieved leading to the formation of yet other dams. As a result, water will always begin to overflow and begin running down on the sides of the house. Usually, you can see this when there is the presence of dirty water marks on your walls.

In some other instances, if your gutter does have a crack or a hole, it will lead to the draining of water along your walls which will cause the deterioration and spoiling of the wall paint.

Leaking pipes

This common problem usually occurs without you even noticing. This is because the leaks that occur in places such as beneath your floor boards often tend to be very subtle and can be easily ignored. This is why you will have dampness in your home and the occurrence of molds.

This problem is usually caused by water acidity level. When your water has the wrong level of acidity, the formation of a film inside the copper pipes will be limited causing them to be dissolved. Thus, when it becomes cold, they tend to be prone to over-freezing.

When you start noticing that the water from your pipe is discolored, this is usually an indication that you have leaking pipes.

The causes of water damage are usually very numerous in number. While you may not be able to investigate and rectify all of them, you always have the option on seeking the services of water damage restoration companies to assist you. This is because, when this is not checked, the problem can become very huge leading to multiple issues. Thus, it is always best to consult a professional to review your home drainage. The last thing you want is to drink contaminated water, a leaking house and the development of molds around your children.

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