Weather Disaster Restoration in Toronto

Weather Disaster Restoration in Toronto

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Damage Restoration

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Hurricanes, tornadoes,
overflowing rivers, and hail storms;

Hurricanes, tornadoes, overflowing rivers, and hail storms; there are many different kinds of severe weather conditions that can cause catastrophic damage to your property. In the event that your property is affected by weather, contact Restoration Service, our emergency response team is available 24/7 and can be there within 45 minutes of your call. Our dedicated staff is committed to the safety and restoration of your property, using industry leading equipment and ensuring a job well done every time. We understand that weather dependent situations are time sensitive and require speed and agility. Water damage is one the most common issues associated with weather related disasters. Excess water or flooding can cause structural damage, mould, damage to personal belongings and many long-term health and safety issues.  It is imperative in these situations that you call the professionals at Restoration Service to remediate the damage done to your property. Attempts to restore your property by yourself or through the work of an amateur can cost extra time, money, and create even worse property damage in the long run. With over 25 years of experience in restoration and remediation services in the Toronto area, our company is the most sought-out restoration company in the region.

Some of the Remediation services provided:


Weather disasters can cause countless different types of damage to you property including broken windows and doors, water damage, structural damage, mould, fire damage, smoke damage, contamination, and loss of personal belongings. Consequently, many of these damages can lead to health risks, safety issues, and illness if not treated on time. The following is a list of some of the services we provide in the case of a weather emergency:

  • Board up services,
  • Emergency locksmith,
  • Odour removal,
  • Fire restoration,
  • Smoke restoration,
  • Window and door repairs,
  • Water extraction,
  • Structural repairs,
  • Decontamination cause by hazardous material affecting the property,
  • Mould treatment,
  • Proper drying techniques ,
  • Restoration and repair of property and property contents.

45 minutes Response Time!

From fires to floods, is available now to help reduce the damage from a disaster.

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