Water Damage Restoration in Toronto

Water Damage Restoration in Toronto

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Water and Flood Damage Restoration Services

Serving Toronto – GTA, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton and all nearby areas

Water damage is most commonly caused by leaks, floods, and severe weather conditions that can leave your property ridden with moisture and water. Once moisture becomes trapped in the building materials, your property is vulnerable to water damage that can lead to dangerous mould and mildew, electrical hazards, and structural damage to your property.  It can feel overwhelming and stressful when your property becomes affected by water damage. Where do you begin to restore your property? Leave out the guesswork and call Restoration Service. Our trained staff has been serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 25 years with emergency response access within 45 minutes, available 365 days a year. Using our state-of-the-art-equipment to implement the latest water extraction and drying techniques, we are able to eliminate water damage and restore your property back to its pre-disaster condition. Whether you experience a burst pipe, sewage contamination, or weather related flooding, we respond promptly and offer a full range of water damage restoration services to meet your needs. On the surface, treating water damage may seem like it’s a simple task of extracting water and drying methods, but there are many precautions and procedures required to properly remedy all risks associated with water damage. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to water damage remediation. Different types of flooding and moisture damage require unique protocols to ensure that mould and bacteria don’t spread throughout the property and that the building structure remains intact.

At Restoration Service we pride ourselves on our fast response time, which can mitigate damages and cost.


Our technicians are certified with the IICRC to treat water damage and have been responding to water damage related issues for over 25 years. Water damage to your property can be devastating, posing a serious threat to your building structure, interior furnishings, important documents and personal belongings. Not only can the devastation of water damage and flooding be emotionally draining, but it can drain your bank account too. At Restoration Service we pride ourselves on our fast response time, which effectively mitigates damages and costs by stopping the damage before it becomes severe. Taking prompt action can drastically reduce the harmful effects of water damage and the cost of repair. No matter how sever the water damage may be, our team of professionals can have your property looking new quickly! Over the years we have successfully restored building structure, and property contents damaged by water in thousands of properties across the Toronto area.  It is essential to call the professional stop water damage in its tracks and restore your property to a dry state.

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