Vehicle Impact and Structural Damage

Vehicle Impact and Structural Damage

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Accidents happen and vehicle impact
to property is no exception.

Vehicle impact is a surprisingly common issue, occurring in residential neighborhoods and populated public areas. The damages caused by vehicle impact can be extensive and costly. In the event that your property is affected by the misfortune of a vehicle impact, some of the issues that you might be left with are; structural damage, damage to contents within the property, insurance claims, personal injury to those on site or within the property at the time of the event and high costs of repairs. If your property has been damaged by vehicle impact, call Restoration Service. No matter the extent of damage, our team of experts can arrive on scene promptly to ensure that you are left with a safe environment and that all structural damages are taken care of immediately. In a city as busy and fast paced as Toronto, accidents happen more frequently. Our team of trained professionals has been restoring Toronto properties from various accidents and misfortunes for over 25 years. With our professionally trained staff and specialized equipment we can quickly return your property to its pre-disaster condition.

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