Trauma & Crime Scene Clean Up

Trauma & Crime Scene Clean Up

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From homicides, to industrial accidents

When it comes to traumatic or violent situations, medical emergencies, and crime scenes that cause damage to your property, it is important that they are handled quickly and discreetly. These events can be disturbing and traumatic experiences for those involved, and evidence remaining on the property can bring back painful memories. Our team of experts at Restoration Service have specialized training in dealing with spaces that have been contaminated by hazardous substances like bodily fluids and blood. Infectious human waste such as blood can contain diseases like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B or other infectious blood borne pathogens. Not only is proper disposal of traumatic waste essential for sanitary reasons, but it also gives property owners a piece of mind. At Restoration Service, we understand the sensitive nature of a traumatic event and can empathize with you. It is important that all remaining evidence of the trauma scene is removed and cleaned up properly in order to restore a regular balanced lifestyle for property owners and to minimize property damage. We do our best to clean up the area quickly and efficiently in order to help get you back up on your feet as fast as possible. From homicides, to industrial accidents, our trauma scene unit is trained to deal with these types of incidences.

Trauma scenes can never be predicted


Trauma scenes can never be predicted and often catch property owners off guard, adding to the pain and frustration of the incident. In most cases property owners lack the knowledge and equipment necessary to properly clean up and decontaminate the crime scene. When dealing with traumatic events it is important to understand that materials left behind are bio hazardous in nature and can create unsafe living environments. If you, or someone you know is ever faced with the misfortune of experiencing a traumatic event involving dangerous materials, call Restoration Service to mitigate the situation discreetly and with efficiency.

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