Odour Removal in Toronto

Odour Removal in Toronto

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At Restoration Service, we don’t hide the smell, we eliminate it completely!

Metropolitan areas like Toronto are filled with a variety of unpleasant odours, but there’s no reason why the air quality in your property should be compromised. Unpleasant odours are not only uncomfortable, but can also be a hazardous to your health and make you sick. Air fresheners only mask the smell temporarily and leave the air full of chemicals. At Restoration Service, we don’t hide the smell we eliminate it completely! If your air quality is being affected due to bad odours on your property and feel as if it is impossible to get rid of it, we have a solution. Offensive odours can come from many different sources, both from inside and outside of the property, often resulting in a combination of odour treatments. Our professional team will identify and assess the odour and its cause, restoring your property back to an odour free environment and allowing you to breathe freely. We provide services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings with emergency service available 24/7.

We can Help Eliminate Odours caused By:


  • Cigar and cigarette smoke
  • Foul Cooking Odour
  • Garbage
  • Mould and mildew
  • Skunk
  • Pet
  • Dead rodents
  • Fecal matter
  • And More!

Restoration Service is trained to the highest industry standards and equipped with the latest technology to successfully eliminate offensive smells. With our help, odours can be removed without leaving a trace. Identifying and eliminating odours can be a challenging task, so call the experts at Restoration Service and breathe in fresh, clean air as soon as possible.

45 minutes Response Time!

From fires to floods, RestorationService.ca is available now to help reduce the damage from a disaster.

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