Marijuana Grow-Op Remediation in Toronto

Marijuana Grow-Op Remediation in Toronto

Treat water &
mould damage

Proper disposal
of marijuana

Removal of
harmful pesticides

Marijuana Grow-Op Remediation

Restoration Service can return a former grow-op property back to a healthy and safe environment. Marijuana grow-ops are much more common than most people think with many unsuspecting landlords and property managers falling victim to these illegal and dangerous operations. Marijuana grow-ops are not only illegal but also severally damaging to your property. After a grow-op is discovered by police, the property is deemed uninhabitable and the owner of the property is forced to take responsibility by receiving an “Order to Remedy an Unsafe Building”. This document describes the conditions that need to be met before the case can be resolved. In this situation, all electrical supply will also be shut off and documentation of property restoration and an environmental assessment must be presented to the municipality to close the case.

What is an Environmental Assessment?

An Environmental assessment is a formal process used to predict the environmental consequences and building damaged caused by incidences like grow operations. A physical assessment will determine the following:

  • Extent of water and indoor moisture damage
  • Extent of mould and fungal contaminants
  • Chemical contaminants caused by pesticides
  • A remediation plan to address all topics of concern
  • A verification report that re-evaluates the property after restoration services have been performed

An environmental assessment must be made and submitted to the local municipality stating that the property is fit for occupancy, free from biological and chemical hazards and structurally safe.

The Importance of the Grow-up Remediation

If not remediated, former marijuana grow-op properties can be hazardous to the health and safety of occupants and surrounding neighbors physically as well as devaluing property. Some of the more common risks include:

  • Airborne contaminants from lack of service to a furnace and venting or from chemicals
  • Health issues and allergies caused by mould and fungi
  • Increased probability of electrical fire from overloaded electrical systems, illegal wiring and extreme heat generated by high intensity lighting
  • Risk of electrocution from illegal electrical bypasses
  • Possible structural damage caused water and moisture damage

When it comes to marijuana grow-op remediation, it is important to hire a professional restoration company in order to speed up the process of restoration and ensure safety. Our team of experts, at Restoration Service is specially trained and knows how to detect and resolve issues associated with a grow-op property. Restoration Service has been proudly treating and restoring properties affected by grow-op and other damaging operations all over the Toronto area for over 15 years. Trust us to take of your assets to ensure outstanding service and workmanship.

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