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Handyman Services

We offer large variety of services, such as: carpentry, remodeling, installation and repair. We will even help you properly hide cables from a newly installed TV!

With the help of our highly skilled handymen, we will make sure your home looks great with any new installation and ensure everything is functional in no time.

No matter the situation, restorationservices.ca has the solution for you.

What can a handyman help you with, and what issues require a specialist?

Handymen Can Perform the Following Services


Painting and remodeling Services

If you have decided to repaint an area in your house, such as a room, a door, or even your garage, our handymen will gladly assist you with that. Our services vary from paint choice consultations, including the advantages and the disadvantages of different types of paint, to your desired paint jobs and renovations. Even if you have minor work, such as touch-ups, a hole in the wall, our team of professionals will pay close attention and deliver great results for you.

Caulking Services

Winters in Canada are cold, and summers are hot. This is why good insolation is very important when it comes to saving energy. A good handyman will be able to tell you if you need a new layer of caulking around your windows and doors in order to save energy, and will be able to improve your insolation properly.

Caulking and Grouting Services

We know the importance of good insulation when it comes to saving energy. Canadian weather is unpredictable, from extreme cold in the winter to extreme heat in the summer. A good handyman will be able to apply a layer of caulk around your windows and doors to maintain your indoor comfort.

Regular maintenance such as replacement of cracked tiles as well as a fresh new layer of grout, are the best and easiest way to give tiled surfaces a new life.

Gutter Cleaning Services

We know how challenging clogged gutters can be in the fall. Trees shed their leaves, and the rain gets heavy. Reaching your roof top can be very dangerous. We advise hiring a professional to do the job for you. With the right tools and experience a handyman can install gutter guards. Creating a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.

Exterior Repairs

Our exterior repair services will improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. Our team will construct a brand new deck for you or repair an old one. Let us apply the necessary finish to preserve the material for the long term. Summers are short, so don’t delay!

Plumbing Services

A skilled handyman will easily resolve minor pluming issues. Whether your faucet is leaking, or your showerhead is broken. He will also install new household appliances, such as dishwashers or washing machines for you.

Minor Home Improvements

A house owner can do most minor improvements and repairs, such as hanging up mirrors. However, these little repairs are not always easy, and we tend to underestimate the danger that comes along with it. With our experience and the right tools, hiring a professional handyman may be your best solution.

Give us the list of your minor household dilemmas, and we will gladly resolve them for you.

We provide our services in the following regions: Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, or Vaughn.

Visit our website: restorationservices.ca, or five us a call: 647-878-2171.

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