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Immediate Flood/Water Cleanup and Restoration

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Water damage and flooding can be caused by anything from a leak in the roof, faulty plumbing or even an open window during a storm. Whatever the cause may be, it is important to seek professional help immediately. At Restoration Service, our team uses a variety of tools and techniques proven to mitigate property damage and loss. In addition, we minimize the amount of demolition required for proper drying of walls and building materials. Calling Restoration Service immediately after a flood or water damage is detected can save you thousands of dollars. We not only focus on the restoration of property, as we can restore your contents too, from important documentation, furniture, electronics and other valuables that can become damaged in the event of a flood. Delaying the services that a professional restoration company can help you with can lead to excessive damage to property and belongings and the inability to restore items. Restoration Service has been restoring properties all over the Greater Toronto Area for over 15 years to industry standard using advanced equipment and techniques. Our emergency response team will arrive within 45 minutes to quickly remove water from your basement using top of the line equipment and save your property from the destruction and health risks that water damage can cause. Whether your property is a residential, commercial or an industrial building, Restoration Service specializes in reviving all types of damaged spaces in the Greater Toronto Area and surroundings.  Our processes consist of using dehumidifiers, truck-mounted extractors and thermal drying trailers; which pump hot, dry air into spaces while extracting moisture with fans.

When To Call Us

There are many different causes of water and flood damage with each case requiring a specific remediation service procedure in order to mitigate property damage. Our highly trained and certified team knows what to do in any circumstance and has saved countless properties and buildings from permanent loss and damages. Leaving standing water in flooded areas will not only cause flood damage it can pose a serious health and safety risk in addition to significant costs and expenses. Whenever you notice signs of flooding or damages caused by moisture or water, contact Restoration Service and let a professional remove the water and restore your property to its original state.

Some helpful tips to remember when encountering flood damaged areas:

  • Do not enter the flooded areas due to risk of electrocution unless you are certain that the electricity has been turned off
  • Determine the cause: was it a storm, faulty plumbing that caused the flooding or something else?
  • If plumbing is the issue, locate and close the main shut off valve to stop the spread of water if it is safe to do so
  • Move valuables to a dry place
  • Get a professional opinion from Restoration Service to extract the water and treat the damages
  • Be careful with electrical appliances in the water affected areas and turn off the power to avoid electric shock
  • If you cannot locate a shutoff valve, call 3-1-1 to request an emergency water maintenance worker to shutoff the water from the watermain main feed.

Types of Water Sources

The severity of water damage often depends on the water source. A clean water source usually does not pose health risks and is likely caused by water from a direct water supply line, making damage mitigation simpler if treated on time. A Grey water source has a significant amount of different contaminants in it, be dangerous to health and seriously damage property. This requires special cleaning to prevent possible mould growth and more extensive damages. A Black water sources are extremely dirty and usually contain very harmful bacteria. This type of water can cause sickness and complications to harmful bacteria and viruses in contains. Floods caused by black water typically occur due to a sewage backup, biosolids spill or rising sea and river water flowing into the building. The most important thing to do during a flood caused by any of these water sources is to call in a professional as quickly as possible. A timely response can save your property and belongings from extensive damages.

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