Basement Flooding Subsidy from the City of Toronto

Basement Flooding Subsidy from the City of Toronto

It is very important to take all the preventative measures to mitigate the risks of basement flooding in your home. In case of a flood, the work is almost always covered by your home insurance policy however as much as we accommodate our clients during restoration; it is much wiser to prevent one. Especially now more than ever as you can do it for free or at significantly reduced cost with an 80% subsidy.

We are excited to inform our clients that the City of Toronto is providing 80% subsidy on eligible work to help protect you and your family from flooding.  Currently, the City of Toronto undertaking major capital projects in areas that are prone to basement flooding due to lack of infrastructure (i.e. storm sewers) as well as replacing the ones that have reached the end of its service life. The goal of the subsidy is to assist the owners of residential properties by offering up to $3,400 per property to install flood prevention devices such as backwater valve, a sump pump as well as capping of the weeping tile connected to the storm sewer.

Therefore we are here to help you protect your assets and take advantage of this subsidy from the City of Toronto. Our staff will assist you every steps of the way. We are licensed City of Toronto Plumbing Contractor (T94, T92) and Building Renovator (T85) as it is one of the main conditions of the eligibility for the subsidy. Contact us today for more information.

The following are the services that we can provide which are covered by this subsidy. Take advantage of this while you can and help protect your home.

Backwater Valve for sewer backup prevention

Backwater Valve

Installation or replacement of an existing backwater valve is eligible for the subsidy as well as installation of an alarm. The backwater valve will prevent sewage from backing into your home in an event that the main sewer surcharges which will prevent thousands of dollars in damages. This is the most important investment that any homeowner should make which will also bring value to potential buyers in the future.

The maximum subsidy is $1,250.00 which includes eligible labour, materials and taxes.

Sump Pump Installation Diagram

Sump Pump

Installation of a sump pump if feasible for your property is a great investment as it ensures that all the water collected by the weeping tile around foundation is pumped away into a collection pit or a storm sewer. This ensures that all the water is effectively removed around your foundation which will prevent wet basement conditions and in many cases basement flooding.

The maximum subsidy is $1,750.00 which includes eligible labour, materials and taxes.

Please note that replacements of an existing sump pump, installation of an additional one as well as an alarm and back-up power are also eligible for this subsidy. Therefore if your house is already equipped with a sump pump, this is a great opportunity to upgrade and further protect yourself by installing back-up power and an alarm.

Foundation Drain (Weeping Tile) severance and capping

In many areas of Toronto, the weeping tile which collects water from around your foundation is directly connected to the storm sewer without any backflow prevention devices. Therefore in case of a surcharge in the sewer due to a big storm, the water is forced back into weeping tile resulting in a basement flooding.  The City of Toronto provides this subsidy to severe and capp the existing weeping tile to prevent storm water from entering back into the system.

The maximum subsidy for this service is $400.00 which includes eligible labour, materials and taxes.

Basement Flooding Prevention

We assess basement flooding potential and provides tools and services to prevent basement flooding. Let us help you take advantage of this subsidy while having work inspected by building inspector to ensure you are protected. If you have suffered from a basement flooding, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our dispatch operates 24/7 and our crew will be at your door in 45 minutes.

For more information, please visit City of Toronto’s website – Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program.

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