Asbestos Removal in Toronto

Asbestos Removal in Toronto

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Asbestous: The Hidden Danger

Asbestos is a natural occurring fibrous matter that was used in insulation materials used in homes built between 1950 and 1990. Asbestos is an extremely strong, fire resistant, and durable material which can be found in any older building such as schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, and residential buildings throughout North America. However, the problem with asbestos is not it’s durability or function, rather its hazardous health effects. Asbestos can cause serious impact on a person’s health and cause of a variety of diseases. While, asbestos that lies dormant may not necessarily be hazardous to your health, when it is moved, broken apart, or destroyed, it’s tiny fibers can be inhaled or ingested; placing you at high risk for asbestos related diseases. Unfortunately asbestos cannot always be detected using an untrained eye because it is often mixed with other building materials. Some of the common uses of asbestos in the past included; spray fireproofing, mechanical insulation, linoleum, floor tiles, drywall taping compounds, and cement water pipes. Our staff is specially trained to detect, remove, and dispose of this harmful product, taking every precaution to make sure that we get all of the asbestos out of your building. At Restoration Service, we are committed to helping you understand the dangers of asbestos in your property, removing the hazardous materials and restoring the health and safety of your property.

Health Problems Associated with Asbestos

There are many health risks and issues that are related to asbestos exposure. When inhaled in large quantities, asbestos fibres can cause asbestosis, pneumonia, heart disease, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. While it usually takes long-term exposure to put someone at risk, short-term and one time exposure are also known to cause health concerns. These asbestos related diseases usually develop after many years of exposure; as the risks increase with the amount of asbestos inhaled and the length of exposure.

Asbestos Removal

Although detecting asbestos can be difficult to do with an untrained eye, there are a number of things you can do if you suspect that there might be asbestos present in your property.  Options for asbestos removal, also known as asbestos abatement vary depending on the source and extent of contamination. Contact Restoration Service to send an asbestos professional to detect and identify all contaminated areas. Our team will prepare the area for testing, remove a small sample from the affected areas and send the sample materials to a designated laboratory for testing. If testing proves the presence of asbestos, our abatement professionals will determine the necessary procedure to properly treat and remove the toxic material from your property. 

If asbestos found on your property is deemed not friable (able to be broken apart by hand) and left in an area that is undisturbed, you might be advised to leave it alone; providing that the contamination is not in an overly exposed area. The process of removing non-friable asbestos can create unnecessary health hazards through the loosening of its fibers, making it much safer to leave untouched. On the contrary, friable asbestos or asbestos in materials that are being renovated must be sealed off, encapsulated or covered. These repairs prevent the asbestos from re-entering the breathing space.

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